Running an effective election is more work than you can possibly imagine. It involves recruiting volunteers, raising money (lots of it), running phone banks, creating media presentations, canvassing, fully engaging in social media, and getting out the vote. The candidate or issue must be"packaged" in a believable and compelling way, and resources must be effectively allotted.

Political campaign is both science and art!


Machinations is a foremost political consulting firm with more than 120 consultants across Africa. We provide strategic political assistance that help clients gather information and manage political campaigns geared towards achieving custom political victories.
Machinations works on behalf of individuals, government officials, government institutions and political organizations. A partnership of like-minded strategists – borne of our combined experiences in the consulting and political worlds – we hold a history of midwifing successful outcomes for our clients.
We have decades of experience in political research, campaign management, government affairs, grassroots advocacy, legislative solutions and micro-targeting and run high profile local and national campaigns that elect candidates, influence public opinion, shape policy and build support amongst key opinion formers, decision makers and citizens.


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