Whether it’s at the ballot box, in the halls of federal or state legislatures, the court of public opinion, Machinations helps clients win. We combine unparalleled strategy and creative with the most sophisticated media buying and production operations in politics. As a lead agency in political consulting, we combine the use of digital analytics, micro-targeting, and media organization in campaigns. It’s the same spirit of innovation that has helped us elect governors, members of state assemblies, lower and upper federal legislature.


The reputation of public figures steadily hangs on a thread especially in the political environment. With the democratization of data and information sharing through new media platforms, it is now extremely easy to mar a candidate's public reputation. At Machinations, we are adept at positioning candidates to engender favorable public opinions that would spur victorious outcomes.


Polling during a political campaign is an effective way to gauge the issues about which voters are concerned and to learn what the public likes or doesn’t like about a particular candidate.  The real power behind the polls, however, is the ability to properly analyze the information and dissect the data.  We can help you decipher the poll results and shape your campaign to reflect or react to the poll’s findings and conclusions.


The phenomenon of issues-based advocacy is becoming a trend in democratic societies around the world today. This revolution has gained grounds due to the spate of developments particularly in digital advocacy. We at machinations give voice and support to the agitations of our clients through robust campaign messaging for desired change in perception of issues.


Every campaign in this age requires a station from which decision-making and media-monitoring activities are carried out. This is to make for easier information mobility and rapid response to events occurring as the campaign progresses. Our team are equipped with ideas for proper setting up of campaign war rooms running round the clock to deliver an election win.


When a candidate first decides to run for office, it can be difficult to know where and how to begin. There’s too much to be done to put such ambition on the right track. Experienced and professional consultants are needed to design a campaign message, campaign strategy and a timeline of events. At Machinations, we give your campaign the good head start it requires for an eventual victory.


Political messaging in recent years has increasingly required political researching and voter segmentation for better effectiveness.  Whether at local or national levels, the delineation of electorates into specific groups after data collection has become a reliable means of targeted messaging. With polling and tracking records, we help you design messages for segmented voter groups.  


As a leader in political strategy, our firm is privy to key insider legislative and regulatory information. This includes knowledge of proposed legislation in both the Senate and House of Representatives; regulatory initiatives; staff reaction and anticipated member response to any legislative or regulatory proposals; expected legislative hearings and mark-ups; and, legislative-related media events and public policy forums, among other things. We apply this knowledge in providing a myriad of solutions for our clients.


At MACHINATIONS, we understand the keys to effective grassroots, grasstops, and issue advocacy. We are experts at generating real grassroots and grasstops activity. We maintain the right balance of optimism and realism and know how to communicate a compelling message to both policy makers and everyday voters. We understand the rules of the “legislative game” and have a proven record of delivering results.


The process of political campaigning has witnessed revolutionary change over the past few decades, and a powerful new set of political actors, political consultants, are at the forefront of modern campaigns and elections. Skills in political marketing, including polling, phone banking, fundraising, message development and grassroots are essential for achieving success. We make it our business to keep your campaign moving forward, efficiently, and on message.

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